Latest Trend: Gym

Not Me.

Not Me.

Going to the gym is the latest trend nowadays. With bad air pollution in most capital cities, people resort to going to the gym to get fit. Some examples:

  1. A few of my martial art buddies took breaks from the martial art classes, goes to the gym and comes back with beautiful figures.
  2. Another close friend who was thin and slouching with bad postures, after a few months of absence returns with an upright posture, fit figure and developing biceps and six packs. This was all achieved by eating protein and taking a personal instructor at a gym.
  3. A close girl friend says she goes to the gym, got a personal instructor, and does 100 crunches daily to obtain the lovely firm figure with six packs included. Plus, she looks radiant and healthy.

The idea of going to gym itself makes people feel good. Concerning going to the gym, some of the things to watch out for are:

  1. Uncertified fake instructors that damages their trainee’s body.
  2. People can hurt themselves by working out wrongly.
  3. Anybody going to the gym who says “I’m going to the gym now, it feels good, yeahhh!!”. Smug people.
  4. Wrong techniques that doesn’t develop any muscles properly at all.
  5. Guys going there looking for sexy girls.  Very nice.
  6. Bad body odour.
  7. Spending big sums of money thinking “amount money spend” = “amount getting fitter”.
  8. Overweight (fat) people who thinks going to the gym will make them lose weight.
"Gym... need gym..."

"Gym... need gym..."

The thing is, I don’t like going to the gym. It’s just muscle development. Besides, most of gyms are enclosed in air conditioning with no fresh air. So, to those who wants to try alternatives, i suggest running, swimming, cycling, lots of sex or any other sports that gets you fit while developing healthy talents.

Here’s a link to start off running.

1 Response to “Latest Trend: Gym”

  1. 1 butterfly February 12, 2009 at 10:06 am

    owh no no no…
    am so sowi to hear dat…
    take care san…

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