Working Out

Yes, I have started working out. I am following the running course that I have linked in my previous post and I am now in my fourth week. Another five weeks to go and I will be able to run for thirty minutes non-stop, which is excellent for someone as unfit as me.

Run run run
What made me unfit? I sprained my right ankle when I fell down the stairs a few months back. The doctor told me to stay put. I stayed put for a month and it was still hurting. Finally, i decided to go for a massage (urut) to heal my ankle. It was painful, but in a week, I was all healed up and ready to fight. But, somehow idleness kicks in and I accidentally laze around for four months.*Grin*

Tangga Jahat

Tangga Jahat

For now, my get-fit-plans are:-

  • Follow the running course.
  • Everyday, stretch for flexibility and exercises all for the importance of strengthening the hips.
  • Eat less oily food, eat slowly and chew more before swallowing.
  • Eat only when hungry and stop before full (makan bila lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang).

Hope this gets me right back on trek.


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