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I have recently received 70GB of Raw Data to process (From Dewa to King). What am I to do? Where will I find the time? Wish me luck!!





Titan Petrochemicals are having financial problems, Malaysian Marine Heavy Engineering (MMHE) are cutting down projects, Berjaya Corporation Berhad might go bankcrupt, AntaraSteel resorts to running their mills at night, factories are laying off employees by the masses and unemployment numbers are going up fast in Malaysia. These are events of the economic recession.

Despite all this, the small company I’m working at are having salaries increased. My last raise was six months ago and now, I’m getting another raise! Woohoo!! =)

Working Out

Yes, I have started working out. I am following the running course that I have linked in my previous post and I am now in my fourth week. Another five weeks to go and I will be able to run for thirty minutes non-stop, which is excellent for someone as unfit as me.

Run run run
What made me unfit? I sprained my right ankle when I fell down the stairs a few months back. The doctor told me to stay put. I stayed put for a month and it was still hurting. Finally, i decided to go for a massage (urut) to heal my ankle. It was painful, but in a week, I was all healed up and ready to fight. But, somehow idleness kicks in and I accidentally laze around for four months.*Grin*

Tangga Jahat

Tangga Jahat

For now, my get-fit-plans are:-

  • Follow the running course.
  • Everyday, stretch for flexibility and exercises all for the importance of strengthening the hips.
  • Eat less oily food, eat slowly and chew more before swallowing.
  • Eat only when hungry and stop before full (makan bila lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang).

Hope this gets me right back on trek.

Latest Trend: Gym

Not Me.

Not Me.

Going to the gym is the latest trend nowadays. With bad air pollution in most capital cities, people resort to going to the gym to get fit. Some examples:

  1. A few of my martial art buddies took breaks from the martial art classes, goes to the gym and comes back with beautiful figures.
  2. Another close friend who was thin and slouching with bad postures, after a few months of absence returns with an upright posture, fit figure and developing biceps and six packs. This was all achieved by eating protein and taking a personal instructor at a gym.
  3. A close girl friend says she goes to the gym, got a personal instructor, and does 100 crunches daily to obtain the lovely firm figure with six packs included. Plus, she looks radiant and healthy.

The idea of going to gym itself makes people feel good. Concerning going to the gym, some of the things to watch out for are:

  1. Uncertified fake instructors that damages their trainee’s body.
  2. People can hurt themselves by working out wrongly.
  3. Anybody going to the gym who says “I’m going to the gym now, it feels good, yeahhh!!”. Smug people.
  4. Wrong techniques that doesn’t develop any muscles properly at all.
  5. Guys going there looking for sexy girls.  Very nice.
  6. Bad body odour.
  7. Spending big sums of money thinking “amount money spend” = “amount getting fitter”.
  8. Overweight (fat) people who thinks going to the gym will make them lose weight.
"Gym... need gym..."

"Gym... need gym..."

The thing is, I don’t like going to the gym. It’s just muscle development. Besides, most of gyms are enclosed in air conditioning with no fresh air. So, to those who wants to try alternatives, i suggest running, swimming, cycling, lots of sex or any other sports that gets you fit while developing healthy talents.

Here’s a link to start off running.



I need to get faster.

I have realized the slowness in my movements lately. Calm is good, but slow is bad.

When a person throws a punch at you, you need to be faster to punch that person first before his or her punch lands on you. That is why “fast” is important.

Also, you need to be calm to see  the punch coming.

So that is why slow is bad.

Children of Squirrel.


Check out the video link below. I loved it, very catchy and makes me happy.





I welcome myself to blogging. Let us all jump in.

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